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We help people who are vulnerable and disadvantaged get a roof, a job, and live a better life.

Everyone should have a safe place to stay. At Momentum we believe it’s essential that people who are vulnerable or disadvantaged, have a safe and suitable roof over their heads.
A job can improve confidence and self-esteem and provide a sense of purpose. Education and employment create opportunities to develop new skills and open doors to new life experiences, a wider community and greater financial security.
Build your momentum… find your space… live a better life.
BBQ & Info Day | Tweed
Thu, 17 Oct
This mental health month, come along to Tweed's Connection Centre for a free BBQ & Information Day!  
Stampede Stigma | Lismore
Fri, 18 Oct
A campaign raising awareness of mental health and reducing the stigma around it.
Green Day | Lismore
Sat, 26 Oct
A fun event celebrating youth and mental health awareness. Live performances, art space, story sharing, obstacle course and more!
Momentum support people who are vulnerable or disadvantaged get a roof, a job, live a better life and engage with community.