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Hey, gardening fans! Get ready for something awesome happening in February 2024. Momentum Collective is teaming up with Murwillumbah Learning Community High School (MLC) to start a 12-week gardening program right at MLC High School.

Why should you join in on this gardening fun? Well, let’s break it down:

  1. Teamwork: Work with other students to plan and work on the garden project. It’s a chance to make friends and improve social skills!
  2. Get Creative: Explore your creative side as you learn cool gardening tricks in a friendly and fun environment.
  3. Move and Learn: Jump into the garden project to improve your ability to move around and become more independent.

But wait, this gardening program isn’t just about plants and dirt – it’s also a way to get better at reading and counting. Gardening isn’t just a hobby; it’s a way to relax and feel good. Being outside, hanging out with nature, and talking to others can make you feel better.

Are you interested in making new friends? This 12-week project is a great chance to meet people who love gardening and get better at talking with others. You’ll even get to go to Bunnings for supplies and help plan the garden!

By joining in, you’re not just having a great time gardening – you’re also making a difference for Murwillumbah Learning Community High School, which was affected by floods in 2022. Your involvement in this gardening adventure helps support the school and the community.

If you love gardening or want to be part of something meaningful, contact us at 1300 900 091 or show interest by filling out this form. Let’s make this gardening journey unforgettable!