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Meet Gavin, an amazing long-term client from our Connections Centre. Gavin shares his story on the power of music on his mental health, and how much it has impacted his life positively.

Eight years ago, Gavin’s journey started with Momentum Collective after a case worker from another provider connected him with our Day-to-Day Living program. The beginning of Gavin’s mental health diagnosis was challenging as he used to feel an overwhelming sense of sadness and he didn’t know why.

Since coming along to Momentum Collective’s program, Gavin has found a new purpose in life which has brought happiness and contentment into his every day. Every week Gavin looks forward to his weekly activities, whether it is engaging in music group on Monday’s, or playing a bit of karaoke on Tuesday’s Gavin is always keen to try something new and usually, his first choice would be anything music related. 

Music has been the biggest outlet for Gavin as this is where he feels totally in his zone, and he feels proud of how much he has learnt since committing regularly to his Monday music groups. Gavin feels the most relaxed when he is playing the keyboard or just listening to his favourite songs. Due to music’s rhythmic and repetitive aspects, music engages the neocortex of our brain, which calms us and therefore, it becomes a form of therapy for individuals who are experiencing mental illnesses.  

Gavin’s well-being has improved significantly since joining our Day-to-Day Living program as he keeps himself busy, and loves coming to our Connections Centre to hang out with his friends and the Momentum Collective team. Immersing himself in music has been a game-changer for Gavin as he feels extremely proud of how much he has learnt in the past four months with the help of his self-taught music mentor, Dan. 

“In the last four or five years, I have really started to get into music. I play the piano and sing. Dan has taught me a few things about timing and when to tune in with the beat. I’ve learnt a lot of songs, I can play about 30 different songs now.”

When asked about a word of advice Gavin could give to anyone living with a similar life experience to him, it would be to join a place like Connections where people have the chance to make new friends, learn new skills, talk to others who have been through similar experiences and have a place that lights you up. Finding an environment that brings a sense of belonging is paramount for everyone’s wellbeing.

Gavin, Connections client and Dan, Connections Music Teacher’s story featured in the NSW Daily Telegraph and QLD Courier Mail. You can read it here.

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