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Our NDIS Outreach client Michael is catching waves and ticking off goals all at the same time.

Meet Michael, a surf and music enthusiast living in coastal paradise in the tweed Shire! Michael lives with a mental health condition, and joined Momentum Collective’s NDIS Outreach Program service in 2020.

What Michael enjoys the most about coming along to our Outreach program is having the chance to participate in a shared experience activity, as he believes it takes him away from his own life, and it helps him build on his social skills and confidence.

Throughout Michael’s journey at Momentum Collective, Michael has taken up an impressive number of new hobbies and skills since his first day working together with our team at Outreach. He loves immersing himself in music, going out for walks around his local community, going on shopping outings, and surfing.

If Michael could choose one activity to participate in every day, it would be surfing or knee boarding. With the ocean right at Michael’s doorstep, water activities are incredibly accessible. For Michael, his frequent engagement in water sports has impacted his well-being and life in such profound and positive ways. He makes his own decisions to partake in positive activities, which further lead him to live a healthy lifestyle.

Recently, Michael went on a surfing trip to Kingscliff with David, Momentum Collective’s Support Worker, and he had the best day doing what he loves.

“I started at 15, sold my motorbike, and brought a kneeboard. Once I get on the wave, I enjoy what cool things you can do on the wave. My favourite spots are South of Peninsula of Victoria, Kirra or D’Bah, in NSW”, said Michael.

Momentum Collective’s Support worker, David, is incredibly proud of how much progress Michael has made during his time with Momentum Collective in a short period.

“Michael has made amazing progress in his journey with Momentum Collective and has more confidence and improved life skills to enable him to cope with the challenges of life. You can see his eyes light up and the joy on his face when surfing. Michael has ticked off countless goals such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle, building his social engagement, and this year, just recently given up cigarettes”, said David.

Michael has developed trusting and strong relationships with the team, and currently, they are working on new goals for Michael. These goals include maintaining the reliable car to enable travel and inventing new ideas and prototypes. Michael believes this will give him financial freedom, and the car will allow him to do yoga and go to the gym.

“I feel very supported and comfortable when my Support Workers help me with admin tasks like shopping, monetary management, appointments, and helping with difficult computer tasks. They check in with me to see if I am okay, and they take me surfing when the weather and waves are good”, said Michael.

We asked Michael what kind of advice he would give to someone experiencing the same things as him and his response was simple. “Get support – see a psychiatrist that you can relate to and have a good relationship with as that will help with the whole process. Have medications to help reduce symptoms and take care of yourself”, advises Michael.”

Now off to the beach, Michael goes to ease his mind and check the tide!

“ You can see his eyes light up and the joy on his face when surfing.” –  David, Michael’s Support Worker

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