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Men’s Health is important to talk about every day, and sometimes you just need a gentle reminder to help you check in with yourself, your loved ones.

At Momentum, we believe it’s important to open up the conversation around men’s health every day and to continue focusing on building healthy environments for all members of our community on a long-term basis.

Recently, we said farewell to one of our Community Support Managers, Darren McCarthy. He is an advocate for mental health and recently partook in The Push Up Challenge – shining light on the number of lives lost to suicide in 2020. Darren kindly shared what he believes the importance of men’s health is to him and his local community.

“To have a week that is dedicated to shining the light on the importance of looking after yourself is fantastic. It helps start the conversations, it highlights what good health looks like, it hopefully motivates others to stop and think about how they are travelling and what they can do to live a healthier life, physically and mentally”, said Darren.

”We can improve men’s health by opening up the dialogue more often, and emphasises on the significance of having role models. Those that are willing to start the conversation and to lead by example through demonstrating a healthy lifestyle. Getting out into their communities and talking with younger and older generations about simple ways they can look after themselves physically and mentally, and check in with their mates and loved ones frequently”.

For Darren personally, good health means finding what works for you, as we are all different and respond to things in different ways. Spending time with his family, being outdoors in nature and exercising whether that’s gym or surfing are what lead to his happy and healthy life. He also is a firm believer that life is busy, and sometimes you need to allow yourself a break.

“When I am having a tough time, having certain people in my professional and personal life that I can talk to helps me too, being able to talk with someone and share my concerns or challenges helps break down the issue, unload a bit and move forward.” – Darren McCarthy

Let’s continue to talk about good health, check in with our loved ones and share information that creates awareness on important topics like men’s health and women’s health.

A big thanks to Darren for 10 dedicated years to Momentum and for continuously being such a positive influence to his clients and fellow team members.

If you are looking for support and want to find out more about our Mental Health programs please call our friendly team on 1300 900 091.