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Meet Kim, a proud woman descendant of the Bundjalung and Gumbayngiirr nations and the winner of Momentum Collective’s 2023 Bundjalung Artwork Competition. With over two decades of professional experience, Kim currently resides and works out of her studio in Coffs Harbour, draws inspiration from her Bundjalung lineage and her connection with the Clarence Valley region. 

The winning artwork showcases Kimberley’s ability to blend traditional Aboriginal symbols with a contemporary palette. The feathers featured in the winning design, represent unity and the saying “birds of a feather flock together.”   

Kim’s journey as an artist has been a great success, achieving many significant milestones throughout her career. She feels fortunate to have already accomplished everything she out to achieve and now wants to leave a legacy for her children. 

Collaborating with the local community and community-focused organisations is something that Kim is passionate about. She designed the healing garden at Grafton’s well-known Gurehlgam centre and created a stunning mural in the healing meeting room. 

When she learned about Momentum Collective’s Bundjalung artwork competition, Kim felt drawn to enter her artwork as she was already familiar with Momentum’s support services offered to her local community.  

“I feel honoured to have been picked as the winner of Momentum’s Bundjalung artwork competition. I can see an alignment in the story of my artwork’s meaning and with Momentum’s story of empowering people and connecting communities”, says Kim. 

“It’s incredible to have the opportunity to share my work with Momentum’s vast audience. I feel great pleasure to have my artwork displayed throughout Momentum’s offices and hope it will offer a sense of connection and safe space for Indigenous clients when they walk into the room.” – Bundjalung Artist, Kim

The future for Kim as an artist is bright as she continues working with local communities and organisations to create meaningful designs. Recently, she has been working on an artwork for Sydney’s Parliament House’s upcoming exhibition, ‘Song Line’ for Reconciliation Week 2023. 

We thank Kim for allowing us to share her artwork across our footprint and enabling us to feature her design across material including our Reconciliation Action Plan 2024.