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Indigenous Employment

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Momentum Collective are committed to building an organisation that recognises and respects the culturally diverse communities that we work in.

We actively encourage employment applications from members of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Join us and contribute to a team that embraces cultural understanding, respectful engagement, and continued learning.

Supportive recruitment

Your background forms an integral part of the impact you can make at Momentum. Candidates are provided with an interview panel that includes an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander representative, ensuring that you feel confident and comfortable while detailing your knowledge, skillset, and experiences.

Inclusive workplace

Embrace opportunities within a workplace that supports your cultural heritage. We provide avenues for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees to take part in cultural, social, and spiritual days of significance. Celebrate your identity in the way that’s most meaningful to you.

Empowered for success

At Momentum, our commitment to support is not just talk. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees can benefit from professional development, networking, and wellbeing opportunities through our Cultural Practice Program.

With meetings held bi-monthly, the program provides a confidential, culturally safe, and supportive environment for employees across the region to:

  • Provide and receive cultural mentoring.
  • Build strong and respectful relationships with other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees and decrease isolation.
  • Share problems, identify barriers and collaborate on potential solutions.
  • Improve wellbeing and morale and reduce burnout through participation in wellbeing offerings.
  • Engage with professional development opportunities and pathways to career progression.

Discover how you can build your career with Momentum today. To find out more about available opportunities, explore our Careers page.

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