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Explore how hands-on learning can shift your focus from theatrical learning to real-world application.

When you undertake your placement with Momentum Collective, you will leave with both work and life experience. Our student placement programs equip you to immerse yourself in the day-to-day duties of our staff and gain a practical understanding of effective service delivery across the Momentum program offerings.

Momentum Collective for your upcoming placement and discover invaluable tips and learn from experienced practitioners. You will be working with one of our highly qualified team members, who will support your learning and highlight how the theory of the classroom translates to practical experiences in your chosen field.

The next step towards employment 

Begin to understand the ins and outs of your industry firsthand and develop your skills in a supportive real-work environment. The experience you gain will boost your employability and enable you to strengthen your network – a vital part of the healthcare and support industry.

Strengthen your own momentum by helping others build theirs today. Complete the placement registration to start your journey with us.

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