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Communities are the heartbeat of our organisation. Cesca Bell, our dedicated Community Support Worker based at one of our Momentum Collective’s Community Recovery Mental Health (CRMH) houses in Coffs Harbour, is actively working towards fostering positive outcomes for all our clients.

Known as the heart of the house, Cesca brings joy and brightness to clients dealing with mental health conditions. Her warm and engaging approach has created an environment where clients feel at ease and open to connecting with her.

During one of her routine outings to the local General Practitioner’s with a Momentum resident, Cesca stumbled upon the impactful not-for-profit organisation OzHarvest. Recognising the potential benefits, she wasted no time forging a collaboration, turning her visionary idea into reality.

OzHarvest, an organisation dedicated to collecting quality surplus food from donors and delivering it directly and free of charge to charities nationwide, resonated with Cesca’s mission. The partnership shares a common goal of finding fulfilment in providing free food to individuals in need, significantly impacting the residents of Momentum’s CRMH residence.

For clients transitioning from recovery homes to long-term outreach homes, financial stress is a common concern. The regular delivery of free nutritious foods by OzHarvest significantly relieves this burden, saving individuals around $50-100 per week on groceries. Beyond the financial relief, the diverse range of vegetables and fruits contributes to healthier dietary choices, promoting overall wellbeing and encouraging individuals to make positive lifestyle choices.

At Momentum, we are beyond proud to see our staff going the extra mile to ensure our valued clients are ticking off their personalised goals, and we are fortunate to have compassionate Support Workers like Cesca.

For more information about our Mental Health Recovery Homes or Mental Health Outreach programs, please get in touch with our friendly team at 1300 900 091.