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Life is full of big and small challenges and learning how to navigate these situations when life gets tough is extremely important. Mainly when children experience family or school pressures, for example, or feel stressed more often than not. Having support during these times can make a world of difference and can positively impact children’s wellbeing and life.
Our Clear Minds program connects children and young adults to the local community, nurturing a sense of belonging while fostering friendships, interest, and hope. Momentum Collective’s Clear Minds program supports children and young adults under 18 living with or showing early signs of wellbeing stress. This program is available for children and younger adults under 18 and their families in Grafton, Casino, Ballina, and Tweed areas.Every mental health journey is unique, so each child or adolescent must receive the best assistance to cater to their needs and circumstances. Momentum Case Workers are there to guide their youth; however, it is entirely up to the individual what areas of life they choose to explore. Whether that’s emotional wellbeing, physical health, safety, learning, and development – the end goal is to ensure every individual achieves positive outcomes.

A vital feature of the Clear Minds program is offering children beneficial coping mechanisms that may help with anger management or overwhelming emotions and can be helpful in everyday life. There are also constructive mindfulness and relaxation techniques included in the program, which can be valuable tools a child or teenager can take into their adult life!

It can be an overwhelming process for children trying to book appointments while juggling school and other life situations. Our Clear Mind Case Workers assist with linking your child or young adult to suitable GP appointments, booking specialist appointments, or even talking to the school about making a plan for managing their school life.

Our Clear Minds program is accessible for all children and young adults under 18 living in Grafton, Casino, Ballina, and Tweed areas looking for support and maybe navigating challenging life situations.

As a requirement of our youth program, our Case Workers can only work with a child with the support of a significant adult, including a parent, guardian, relative, sibling, housemate, or other trusted person.

If you know a family or child looking for wellbeing support and lives out of these regions, Social Future’s Kinds in Minds program operates across the Richmond Valley hinterland areas.

If you or anyone you know needs support, don’t hesitate to contact our team with a free call at 1300 900 091

If you are looking to find out more about our Clear Minds program or how we can assist you, please visit here.