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Affordable Housing | Centre St, Casino

Momentum’s exciting new housing development at 115 Centre Street Casino is under way and due to be available in January 2022.

The development will deliver a mix of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, which will all be available for rental only. Featuring a modern design and meeting contemporary living standards, our units will provide quality accommodation to assist tenants to live their best lives in Casino.


If that is already not enough, Momentum will not be seeking the full market rent but will offer a substantial discount for eligible households. The units will form a part of our Affordable Housing Program portfolio, an ever-increasingly important part of Momentum’s commitment to housing affordability in the Richmond Valley.

Who will be housed?

Momentum is not your average landlord! As well as all the usual criteria that private landlords might expect from property applicants, we are particularly seeking interest from:

  • Local people who currently live in the area or need to do so for employment or education reasons
  • People who may work in key local industries or important areas of employment, including the services industry; and
  • People who might not be ready to purchase their own home or perhaps are currently renting and unable to comfortably afford a full market rent.

One of the ground floor units in the development will be fully modified for disability access and will meet modern disability-design standards. That’s a rarity in the Casino rental market and part of our commitment to assisting those who might otherwise miss out on these types of opportunities.


What else does our Centre Street development offer you?

  • The site is centrally located and within easy distance of all the shops, services, education and training centres and the general industry and diversity of the Casino CBD.
  • The development will offer a total of 8 units with 6 two-bedroom units and 2 one-bedroom units.
  • There are 4 units on the ground floor and the other 4 units will be walk-up style.
  • There will be some on-site parking, with ample street parking also available adjacent to the units.


What is “affordable housing”?

Affordable housing is available to people whose household income is not high enough to cover market rental prices in the area where they live or work. Affordable housing rents vary from property to property but are calculated at a discount of the market rent. The discount is usually between 20 and 25% compared to the market rent for a similar property in the area.

Affordable housing has never been as important as it is today. In the past 12 months vacancy rates and rental increases have reached never-before-seen levels on the NSW North Coast. Our project  will not only deliver new housing for Casino but assists in local job creation, supports local businesses and helps build on the existing inclusiveness and diversity of the Casino area.


How do I know if I am eligible?

Eligibility for affordable housing will depend mostly on household income. The more people, including children, living in a household, the higher the household income is allowed to be.

Other factors considered when assessing eligibility, include:

  • Australian citizenship or permanent residency
  • Whether the household would be able to secure suitable or adequate housing in the private rental market
  • Whether the household owns any assets (for example, a property) which they could be reasonably expected to use to solve their housing need.

Tenants of affordable housing must remain eligible to stay in the affordable housing property and regular eligibility reviews are carried out by property managers.

More details, including the current Income eligibility limit, are included in our Affordable Housing Factsheet.


How do I apply for this property?

We intend to commence formal expressions of interest from applicants in September.
We will also keep this site updated with our progress and all of our affordable housing properties will be advertised on

If you wish to register your interest early and receive notification when the formal EOI process has commenced, please complete this form.