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For Tenants

COVID-19 Update:

Dear Momentum Collective Community Housing Tenants,

Our team has made some changes in light of  the COVID-19 pandemic, to ensure we maintain our current level of service wherever it is safe for you, our staff and contractors to do so.

We have also made some changes that will assist our tenants manage any financial hardship experienced as a result of COVID-19. Please take the time to read the information provided in the Frequently Asked Questions link below so that you are aware of what these changes mean for you.

We encourage you to pass this information on to any of your Momentum tenant neighbours who might not currently have access to the internet.


Community Housing Resources


Social Housing Modern Agreement:
Residential Tenancy Agreement
Modern Agreements Information Sheet

Additional Resident Form
Affordable Housing Application Form
Agreement to Repay Debt
Application for Tenant Recognition
Centrelink Multiple Consent Form
Centrepay Deduction Authority Form
Household Income Survey
Household Information Survey
Incident Report Form
Non-Urgent Maintenance Request Form
Notice to Vacate Form
Notification of Death Form
Statutory Declaration
Tenant Disclosure Consent Form
Tenant Request for Alternation/Addition
Water Allowance Application Form

Affordable Housing Factsheet
Centrelink Factsheet
Occupancy Agreement Factsheet
Rent and Income Reviews Factsheet
Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Factsheet
Transfers Factsheet

Additional Resources:
Tenant Handbook
Housing FAQ’s
RBO FAQ’s and Process

Housing Operating Policies, Procedures and Guidelines:
Access to Housing
Asset Management
Establishing Tenancies
Rent Setting and Management
Tenants Rights and Participation
Tenancy Management
Changing Needs of Tenants
Ending Tenancies
Special Programs