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Congratulations! You’ve been approved for Community Housing.

Now it’s time to start your tenancy journey. Momentum’s here to support you in your next step towards independence.

Explore our wide range of tools and resources. From housing agreements and maintenance requests to payments and guidelines, you’ll have everything you need to be set for tenancy success.

Community Housing Resources

Starting a Tenancy:

Occupancy Agreement (SDA NSW)
Residential Tenancy Agreement (Affordable Housing)
Residential Tenancy Agreement (Rooming Agreement QLD)
Residential Tenancy Agreement (Social Housing NSW)
Residential Tenancy Agreement (Social Housing QLD)
Residential Tenancy Agreement (Transitional Housing NSW)
Affordable Housing Factsheet
SDA NSW Housing Factsheet
Property Condition Report
Rental Bonds Online
Fair Trading Information Statement

During a Tenancy:

Additional Occupant Form
Application for Tenant Recognition
Household Information Survey
Incident Report Form
Notice to Vacate Form
Notification of Death Form
Statutory Declaration
Tenant Disclosure Consent Form
Transfers Factsheet
Tenant Handbook
Tenant Handbook – Disability Housing
Tenant Handbook – Affordable Housing

Repairs and Maintenance:

Tenant Request for Alternation/Addition
Asbestos Factsheet

Financial Resources:

Centrelink Schemes Factsheet
Centrelink Multiple Consent Form
Centrepay Deduction Authority Form
Household Income Survey
Rent and Income Reviews Factsheet
Water Allowance Application Form

Housing Programs:

Affordable Housing Application Form
Affordable Housing Factsheet

Housing Operating Policies, Procedures and Guidelines:

Access to Housing
Asset Management
Changing Needs of Tenants
Ending Tenancies
Establishing Tenancies
Rent Setting and Management
Special Programs
Tenants Rights and Participation
Tenancy Management

Community Housing Resources:

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