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Brighter Futures

We all want to give our kids the best possible start, but being a parent can be tough. Help and support can make a real difference.

Brighter Futures is a program for families with children under nine years, or families who are expecting a baby, who need support with issues including:

  • domestic and family violence
  • parental alcohol or other drug misuse
  • mental health issues
  • parents who live with significant learning difficulties or intellectual disabilities.

You may also be able to join the program if you’re bringing up children without much support or you’re struggling to manage your children’s behaviour.

Brighter Futures helps families set up for a future that’s safe, thriving, healthy and happy. We recognise that as parents, you already have the skills and knowledge to understand what works for your family and so we tailor our support to build on these strengths and support your family’s needs.

Our Brighter Futures worker will meet with you regularly in your home, office or out in the community if that’s more comfortable. Together, we will plan the support that you need to build a strong, positive relationship with your child or children.

Some of the support offered includes:

  • Parenting programs, so you can meet with other parents, as well as one-on-one parenting education.
  • Quality care by qualified staff for your children, while they play and learn with other children at child care or playgroups.

Brighter Futures can provide you with support and services to help you give your children a good start in life and prevent some problems from getting worse.

Call us on 1300 900 091 for information on the program in Casino.