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Domestic and Family Violence Support


Domestic and family violence (DFV) can affect people of all cultures, sexualities, religion and ages.

Domestic violence can include, but not limited to:

  • Controlling behaviour
  • Physical violence
  • Sexual assault
  • Emotional abuse
  • Stalking
  • Technology facilitated abuse
  • Financial abuse

If you are aged 16 years and over, with or without children, and are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless due to Domestic Family Violence, Momentum is here to provide support to ensure your safety and wellbeing.

When you reach out to Momentum Collective, you will be supported by a Case Manager who will treat you with compassion and dignity. We will work collaboratively with you where you will feel comfortable sharing your experiences with our person-centred approach.

Service Referrals

The support you need is shaped by the journey you are on. We can provide you and your family with assistance in accessing services including:

  • Counselling
  • Police assistance
  • Court advocacy
  • Victim’s financial support
  • Social support
  • Family law advice
  • Legal aid

Our focus is on assisting you take steps towards building a life free from abuse. Your personalised case plan will likely begin with safety and needs assessments, so that we fully understand your specific short-and long-term requirements. We will then identify the supports and resources best placed to address your needs, both now and well into the future.

A safe and confidential space

You and your family’s safety are our focus. We prioritise your confidentiality from the start, to maintain your privacy and ensure your safety. Our team will work collaboratively with experts to provide you with culturally appropriate support specific to your needs.

Immediate access to necessities

Our support begins right away. We will work to identify your immediate needs as soon as possible, and assist you in accessing the necessity items, safety, comfort, and financial resources to support your independence from the beginning.

Women and Children’s Crisis Accommodation (Refuge)

Women and their families who are at risk of homelessness due to domestic or family violence can find safe and confidential housing options through our Women and Children’s Refuges. Located across northern New South Wales, this accommodation is a secure space from which you can plan your transition to a violence-free future.

Ongoing support

Our service provides regular follow-up contact, recognising that as your situation evolves, so too will your needs. We can adjust referrals, link you with additional services and help you plan the best future for your family.

Have you left a violent relationship and would like to stay in your own home, or a home of your choice?

Information about our Staying Home Leaving Violence program, as well as useful resources are available here.

Call us at any time on 1800 387 867 for our help. If you don’t have access to a phone, there’s support and information at the locations below:

For other 24/7 supports click here

BallinaMomentum Ballina3/79 Tamar St1800 387 867
CasinoCasino Neighbourhood Centre138 Canterbury St02 6662 2898
East LismoreWomen Up North40 Whyrallah Rd02 6621 7730
GraftonClarence Women’s Domestic & Family Violence Specialist Support18-26 Victoria St02 6642 4955
MurwillumbahMurwillumbah Community Centre (Momentum)Nullum St (Knox Park)1800 387 867
Tweed HeadsMomentum Tweed Heads35 Wharf St1800 387 867

Additional resources

Looking for something specific? you can explore our collection of additional resources here.

Have you left a violent relationship and would like to stay in your own home, or a home of your choice? Information about our Staying Home Leaving Violence program, as well as useful Staying Home Safe resources are available  here.


Our Domestic Violence 24/7 service provides crisis after-hours and weekend support (safety, support and accommodation) for women and children who are in crisis and escaping domestic or family violence.

Domestic Violence 24/7 Service – Call 1800 387 867

In an emergency call 000.