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Women and Children’s Refuges

Women experiencing domestic and family violence are often forced to flee from their homes, fearing for their own physical and mental wellbeing and that of their children.

Our refuges provide crisis accommodation and safe rooms across northern New South Wales, to immediately help women and families and support them while they find a safe new home.


What does the refuge offer?

  • Temporary accommodation (including linens, towels, electricity and water bills plus the use of all communal spaces)
  • Individualised case management with a support worker
  • Information on safety planning and risk management
  • Support and referrals for services such as counselling, police, court advocacy services, victims’ financial supports, social support, family law and legal aid
  • Culturally appropriate and safe services especially for Aboriginal Women and their children, through our Aboriginal partner agencies
  • Referrals and support specifically for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) families

This service is available to women and children who are experiencing domestic or family violence and fit the eligibility criteria for refuge. When staying at Momentum’s refuge, you will be asked to contribute towards your accommodation. Contribution fee will be based on your income.


Unfortunately we are unable to house pets at the refuge, however you can access the RSPCA New South Wales Community Domestic Violence Program helpline on 02 9782 4408.


We understand that planning ahead can be difficult if you are escaping domestic violence, however if you are able to safely pack some items in advance then we suggest collecting as many personal items, identification and legal documents as possible.

  • Identification & legal documents: Driver licence, passports, birth certificates, visas and work permits
  • Financial documents: Centrelink details, bank cards/banking details, insurance policies, car registration documents
  • Personal records: School and medical, medication and prescriptions, bills, diary & important keys
  • Personal items: Sentimental items, clothing, children’s school books and uniform, toys, jewelry, photographs and toiletries.

Our refuges are fully furnished, you will not need any furniture or other household items.
Food and personal items are not inclusive and must be provided by each tenant. However, if you do not have access to these items then we will do our best to accommodate you.


To access our domestic and family violence service, call our Domestic and Family Violence 24/7 response line on 1800 387 867

Meet Jane

When Jane (not her real name) arrived at our women’s refuge in Tweed Heads she and her young son were highly traumatised. They fled Victoria to escape family violence and were so fearful of the perpetrator that they left their home in a hurry with few possessions. Jane and her son’s lives were turned upside down. They found themselves in an unfamiliar place with no family or friends nearby to support them.
Our dedicated team of workers at the refuge quickly supported Jane to access a Rent Choice Start Safely subsidy from NSW housing that allowed her to find a rental property – the first step in rebuilding a life for herself and her son. With continued and dedicated support from our team, Jane was able to find full time work and is now financially independent. Her son is actively engaged in school and they are both linked in with the local community and finding stability. “I couldn’t have done everything without the support from the team at the refuge. I felt like they believed in me and supported me to rebuild my life.”