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Meet Christian, our Housing Specialist dedicated to working with our tenants to build stronger neighbourhoods. With a background in child protection, Christian is driven to impact peoples’ lives positively.

As a young professional, Christian collaborates with Momentum tenants, ensuring they receive the necessary support and services. In just three months, Christian has assisted some tenants in achieving their goals. 

Recently, Christian organised a neighbourhood barbecue for a group of tenants, a different approach to dealing with complaints made by several tenants about their neighbours. The event’s success came as a surprise to both him and his tenants.

“We hosted our very first neighbourhood barbecue for Momentum tenants. Why not bring everyone together over delicious sausages and enjoy the sunshine? It proved to be a proactive way for individuals to chat and exchange shared experiences,” says Christian.

The positive outcome has motivated him to plan more neighbourhood barbecues for our other regions. 

Christian has witnessed numerous positive outcomes with clients, with one story making a lasting impression on him. He met a couple in their late 50s living in Ballina and realised they needed additional support. Recognising the significance of establishing trust and connection, Christian guided John* and Amanda* through the application process for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), understanding how greatly it would benefit them.

“After discussing their goals and support needs, it became evident that applying for NDIS was the right path. Sometimes, a simple coffee conversation explaining available support options can be life-changing for individuals,” explained Christian.

Thanks to Momentum Collective, the couple now enjoys a clutter-free environment, ensuring safe access to their home. They eagerly anticipate weekly interactions with a Momentum Housing Specialist, who assists with meal preparation, cleaning, grocery shopping, and community integration to enhance their social skills.

Christian is devoted to making a difference in people’s lives. The additional support he can assist our tenant’s access empowers individuals and enables them to achieve positive outcomes and improve their lives.

Discover more about our Community Housing service by contacting our team at 1300 900 091.

Please note John and Amanda’s* names are changed to protect their identity.