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Meditation is a big part of our mental health programs. Deborah has made breakthroughs every day since implementing this mindfulness practice into her life.

Debbie suffers from lung issues from full-time smoking and is slowly breaking through barriers with her physical and mental health. “I have noticed a big change in my breathing since meditating a couple of times a week, and my mind feels relaxed. It takes all the stress out of my body, and I feel light.”

Originally from New Zealand, Debora, 65, moved to Tweed Heads when she was just fifteen years old however, due to different life circumstances, she spent 20 years moving towns living in Sydney, Perth, and Darwin. Five years ago, she decided to move back to Tweed Heads to live closer to her brother, and her journey with Momentum’s Connection Centre began.

Living with anxiety and depression for most of her life, Deborah was hospitalized not long after moving back to Tweed after experiencing a relapse. She was introduced to Momentum Collective’s Connections Centre and referred to a Momentum Support Worker through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

When she reflects on the last couple of years regarding her physical and mental health, life has taken a positive direction for Deborah. Deborah has found a new purpose and form of therapy by participating in regular meditation and yoga. Routine was a big part of Deborah’s life when she was younger and finding that routine again was one of her biggest goals at the Connections Centre.

“I put down yoga and meditation on my intake form when NDIS first approved me. I was so happy when I found out my two support workers at Momentum both practiced yoga and were interested in meditating with me”, says Deborah.

“I am making breakthroughs every day since meditating, and I have noticed a significant change in my physical and mental health since regularly practicing breathing techniques.” – Deborah, Client.

Mondays and Thursdays, Deborah spends the day with her committed Support Workers, Heather and Lauren. When it comes to Deborah’s schedule, the morning will usually start with a morning meditation or diving into some yoga on the floor in her house. Some days, Heather or Nicole will take Deborah out for a coffee, assist with her grocery shopping or stop by the beach to watch the waves and do a meditation.

When Deborah is not with her Support Workers, she is at our Connections Centre and participates in various mental health activities like meditation or sitting in a weekly women’s group. The women’s group is an opportunity for the women to connect with each other women and talk about whatever is on their minds.

“Everything I do in my weekly schedule is through the Connections Centre. It’s homely and feels like a second home. Meditation and yoga have helped me to focus on the now, and for my next goal, I would like to focus on adding another day of meditation to my routine.”

Debbie suggests practicing mindfulness regularly and seeking support at a mental health centre like Connections for anyone navigating their mental health journey who doesn’t know where to start seeking help.

If you like to participate in therapeutic social and community activities, our personalised Day-to-Day Living program is perfect for you.