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Bloom Program of Supports

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Embark on a transformative journey with our new Programs of Support: Bloom. 

At the core of Bloom is the belief that as individuals nurture their personal and professional capacities, a sense of wellbeing and belonging unfolds.  Our program has a fresh and energetic approach, ensuring a dynamic and client-centric experience.

Set your goals and see how well you are doing
Make new friends and build friendships
Learn useful skills for life
Get involved in the community
Meet new people and make friendships
Be more confident and improve your self-esteem
Try out new hobbies and explore new interests

Explore our diverse range of individual activities showcased below.

The program is delivered as a 12 week term to provide structure and consistency to assist you in achieving your chosen goals and outcomes. It offers a variety of activities that you can do in the community or in one of our hubs.

To learn more or express your interest, kindly complete the contact form on the right-hand side or call us at 1300 900 091 to connect with a member of our team.

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