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Support Coordination

Our Support Coordination team can work with you to coordinate all of your support needs and assist you to achieve your goals

We have the expertise to work with you so that you understand your plan and can find service providers that best meet your personal needs and help you build capacity. We can assist you to make connections, link into supports and identify what you want from providers to make sure you get the most out of your plan.


If you are allocated Coordination of Support in your NDIS plan, then your Support Coordinator will work with you to implement your plan by:

  • Identifying the supports that will meet your unique needs, as outlined in your NDIS Plan
  • Support you to engage with providers and ensure that service agreements and Schedules of Support are in line with the NDIS Pricing Guide and legislation
  • Reporting to the NDIA and other government agencies on your behalf when required
  • Negotiating the manner and timing of supports, including service agreements
  • Facilitating information sharing between providers
  • Obtaining quotes from providers of your choice and monitoring the plan budget
  • Linking you in with your local community
  • Working with you to develop skills, capacity and resilience
  • Responding to a crisis or significant change of circumstances that may require a review of your plan

A Support Coordinator is independent to the service delivery team who provide your supports.


To access the services of a Support Coordinator, you need to ensure that you identify your personal need for support coordination funding when you meet with the NDIS to discuss and create your plan.


Having a job and a home of her own are priorities for Maddy. With the help of her mum and Momentum Collective Support Coordinator Jane, Maddy is using her NDIS plan to become more independent every day. Maddy lives in her own apartment in Coffs Harbour and she looks after the garden with a little help from her mum. When she’s not at TAFE or gardening she is part of a local choir that performs at aged care facilities. “I really enjoy singing and I know the words to lots of songs. I think the people enjoy listening to our choir.” Maddy says she’s enjoying life and working with Jane to achieve her goals. “I do like my life. I want to get a job and move into a home of my own and have my own money,” she says. “I want to do some more exercise and get fit for when I play soccer next year. Jane is going to help me with this. I want to be in a team more than just play soccer. I just want to kick a ball and get out and meet people.”