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Supported Employment

Our Supported Employment service provides both volunteering opportunities and creates real jobs for people living with a disability or recovering from mental illness.

Feeling like you belong and that you are making a contribution in your community is an important part of life for everyone. At Momentum Collective, our Supported Employment Service provides opportunities to develop real-world employment skills. The commercial operations we run in retail, recycling and gardening, invest profits directly back into the services we offer.


As well as developing valuable employment skills, our programs provide essential community building and peer support opportunities. Our amazing volunteers contribute to community-building and provide added benefit to our enterprises by mentoring and assisting our supported employees.


All of our supported employees are paid a wage under the Supported Employment Services Award 2017. This allows people to participate in the community, and earn a wage to assist with maintaining a full and independent life.


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A little support goes a long way

When Bianca started working at the Recyclers Op Shop in Tweed Heads a few years ago she was living locally in Coolangatta. In more recent times she moved to Southport but continues to travel to work at the Op Shop because she loves her job. “I enjoy my work very much. I just feel like I’m doing something productive and also enjoy the social aspect. All the people I work with are very much like me – no one judges and we all support each other,” Bianca says. “It’s like a little family really.” Bianca says she enjoys working in a role that allows her to help other people and says the team at the Recyclers Op Shop gives her the support she needs to do her job to the best of her ability.