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Friendships come in all shapes and forms, and every year July 30 International Friendship Day acts as a reminder to recognise your friends, and their contribution to your life.

Take Emma and Jamie for the perfect example. These two moved into our Supported Independent Living home together earlier this year, and have developed a meaningful friendship since the day they became house buddies!

Jamie and Emma met at a karaoke day out and became ‘besties’ from the moment they met and joined Momentum Collective’s SIL accommodation.

When the opportunity popped up for Jaimie and Emma to live together in Ashmore, they were both ecstatic and ‘a little’ nervous to take this big step living out of home for the first time. Since becoming house mates and new friends, the girls have been so much happier.

The girls look forward to their dinner time everyday, as they both have busy schedules and this is the one time that they can spend quality time together.

“I love to talk to Jaimie at dinner time because it’s when I hear about her day and I can share everything about my day”, says Emma.

Since living together, the girls have learnt a lot about each other –  every small and big thing! From knowing their favourite foods to eat to their most adored movies. The main thing that brings Emma and Jaimie the most gratitude is knowing they are always there for each other no matter what.

“Jaimie is always there for me when I most need a hug or just feel like a chat, and I am always there for her whenever she feels sad,” says Emma.

Emma and Jaimie’s all time memory together is from an outing at the park where a cheeky seagull stole Jaimie’s chips and they both couldn’t stop laughing.

Supported accommodation opens up doors to making new connections and purposeful friendships in a supported and safe environment. At Momentum Collective, we carefully pair our SIL clients based on similar interests, and with people they will get along with. Supported Living enables our clients to feel supported and live independently in their dream home.

With our range of SIL accommodations,  we can help find you find your home sweet home! If you are looking to live independently, make new and meaningful friendships and have fun all at the same time, our SIL houses are the idyllic places for you. Plus, you will have access to a range of personalised services, too!

“Jaimie is always there for me when I most need a hug or just feel like a chat, and I am always there for her whenever she feels sad” – (SIL) client Emma.

Find out more about our Supported Independent Living SIL vacancies here, or call our friendly team on 1300 900 091.