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Meet WoWo, also known as Ye Zheng, on a remarkable six-year journey of growth and independence with the support of Momentum Collective. Ye, living with Autism, relocated to Australia from China at the age of thirteen with his mother, seeking better disability support services. Banora Point has been their home ever since.

When Ye met Bradley, one of our dedicated Support Workers two years ago he initially got assistance with Community Access. They quickly built a rapport and Ye’s life started improving. Watching WoWo’s remarkable progress closely, his parents trusted Momentum with increasingly support, resulting in ten-hour shifts today compared to the initial three hours when he first started with Momentum.

Ye has come a long way with his independence and loves navigating the world with his Support Workers. His first-ever Short Term Accommodation (STA) trip with Momentum marks a significant milestone in his journey of stepping outside his comfort zone. With the support of our Senior Coordinator, Ye’s trip was carefully planned to align with his goals of enhancing independence and social skills and embracing new experiences.

Excitement radiated from Ye as he and Bradley embarked on their Dreamworld adventure, a dream destination for the keen theme park enthusiast. Dressed in his beloved Lakers basketball shirt, Ye eagerly embraced the thrills of the rides, enjoying the vibrant and interactive park atmosphere. Bradley watched Ye’s joy and enthusiasm firsthand throughout the week as they explored SeaWorld, Movie World, and everything the holiday destination offers.

“Seeing Ye’s excitement and confidence blossom throughout the two years has been incredibly rewarding. I feel lucky to have been by his side and to have seen him take the leap to go on his first respite trip without his parents. He is experiencing the world all on his own!” says Bradley.

Like Brad, Ye’s parents and everyone at Momentum are beyond proud to see WoWo accomplish his first respite and we look forward to seeing what he achieves next.

If you’re looking for respite opportunities, a chance to foster personal growth or need a break, our Short Term Accommodation service is tailored to meet your needs. To discover more about our STA services, call us at 1300 900 091.