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Being part of a community and making purposeful connections can positively affect your mental health and make you feel supported and valued.

There are many ways you can build your own supported community, and this may be through community involvement at a local sports club, your friends, or a support centre. It doesn’t matter where you are, just as long as you are somewhere that offers a safe and supportive environment.

Participating in community activities and hobbies assists with not only building a connected network but can increase independence and give you greater enjoyment of life.

Take our Connections Centre in Tweed Heads as a perfect example! This Mental Health centre operates daily as a drop-in centre for community members experiencing a personal mental health condition and are searching for a place of comfort, support and security.

Every day our clients walk through the doors, they start their morning with a barista-made coffee offered by one of the staff members, and they usually sit down to enjoy their coffee and chat with one of their peers or a community support worker.

Many of our clients attend our Connections Centre to participate in our Day-to-Day Living program, which runs from Monday to Friday. There is a diverse range of activities and outings to choose from, like meditation, creative journaling, arts and crafts, gardening, music groups, and even playing a game of pool.

This personalised program enables individuals to focus on their well-being, build social skills, and increase independence. One of the main benefits of participating in these activities is the therapeutic release and feelings participants feel afterward.

Our clients’ weekly highlight usually involves engaging in fun outdoor adventures somewhere along the coast, in the bush, or going out for a coffee in a group setting!

Suppose you are looking for a supported place that feels like a second home and will empower you to increase your community participation. In that case, our Connections Centre is just the place for you.

If you like to participate in therapeutic social and community activities, our personalised Day-to-Day Living program is perfect for you.