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Meet Garry, Our People and Culture Project Officer at Momentum Collective. Garry is passionate about prioritising community wellbeing in our cultural initiatives, and he is at the forefront of a transformative project—the Bunyarabugalma Youth Wellbeing App.

Garry got involved with the Bunyarabugalma app when the team from The Murwillumbah Community Centre asked him to join the project because of his expertise in music and songwriting workshops for the youth. What began as an artistic collaboration soon turned into something meaningful—a group effort to create a meditative app aimed at supporting the emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal youth.

Beyond music, Garry encouraged young people to share their stories, resulting in heartfelt verses contributed by two girls. Recognising the importance of the Bunyarabugalma Youth Wellbeing App in a community facing various challenges, Garry notes, “The app helps young people understand and make sense of their feelings,” acting as a guiding light to help them navigate their emotions positively.

The app centred around the “Connection to Country” song, resonates deeply with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, sharing a story of peace and joy linked to their profound connection to the land. In Garry’s eyes, the Bunyarabugalma Youth Wellbeing App is more than a digital tool. “It is modelled and explained through a cultural lens, a holistic way of dealing with trauma and stress,” he affirms. The app provides a unique cultural perspective on emotions, fostering an understanding that elders are there for guidance and meaningful conversations.

Garry strongly believes in spreading wellbeing, especially among the youth. He thinks if young people feel good, it will create positive vibes for the whole community. To him, ensuring the younger generation is happy and healthy is the key to a strong and resilient community.

We’re excited to share that the Bunyarabugalma Youth Wellbeing App has successfully launched! Thanks to Garry’s hard work and input from youth members, the app is now ready for the community. We’re proud of Garry and everyone involved in making this happen. It’s an excellent move towards fostering wellbeing and a stronger sense of connection within our community.

The Bunyarabugalma Youth Wellbeing App is available through the Apple App store. Simply search for “Bunyayabugalma Youth”.