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At Momentum Collective our objectives and operational structure are built around a rigorous, professional, best practice framework that ensures we maintain:

  • a professional and experienced Board
  • a management team with front-line experience and expertise across our divisions
  • provision of high quality, safe customer-centric care
  • flexibility to grow and respond to the changing human services sector
  • effective balancing of the needs of customers, funding bodies, regulators and the organisation
  • well embedded Risk Management Framework
  • third party accreditation across all service streams
  • extensive multidisciplinary clinical and support services network at the national, state and local level
  • localised services to meet community and individual customer needs
  • rigorous management of clinical risk, quality and customer safety

We operate in an environment of complete accountability and transparency.  In accord with this, links to some of our relevant policy documents are published for reference below. General client related policies: Child Protection Policy Intake and Referral Policy Duty of Care and Dignity of Risk Policy Rights to Service User Policy Transition from Programs Policy Service Delivery Policy Critical Incident Policy Privacy Policy Complaints Policy Housing Operating Policies, Procedures and Guidelines: Access to Housing Asset Management Establishing Tenancies Rent Setting and Management Tenants Rights and Participation Tenancy Management Changing Needs of Tenants Ending Tenancies Special Programs Other organisational policies: Volunteer Policy Fraud & Corruption Policy Whistleblowing Policy Workplace Harassment Policy Workplace Equity and Diversity Policy Work Health and Safety Policy Governance Policy Legal and Contractual Compliance Policy Continuous Quality Improvement Policy Risk Management Policy Sustainability Policy Communication and Marketing Policy