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In life, everyone deserves a place to call home, a space to relax and experience a sense of belonging. This rings especially true for Daniel, whose journey with Momentum Collective shows how community support and having a permanent place to live can make a big difference in someone’s life.

Daniel, originally from Melbourne and the United Kingdom, moved to the Northern Rivers to be closer to his father in Kyogle. He lives with a psychosocial disability and a vision impairment, encountering ongoing challenges. Seeking support, his journey led him to Momentum’s Community Recovery Mental Health accommodation in Lismore. After three months there, he transitioned to another transitional home, where Momentum support workers assisted him with daily tasks. 

Daniel recently received the exciting news that he’s secured permanent housing, all thanks to our dedicated Tenancy Manager, Heather Marsh, and the team at Momentum Collective. The moment he learned about his new permanent home, he was filled with happiness and relief. 

“I was absolutely wrapped. The girls went above and beyond to get me into a place,” shared Daniel. He is thrilled that he’ll now have the chance for real stability, being able to personalise his space and pursue his long-term goals. 

“It’s a really good-sized unit and I have ideas and plans to get a bigger TV, rugs, curtains and a couch. I’m looking forward to adding a personal touch,” said Daniel. “I also hope to get some display shelves so I can start building Lego Technic models.”

Daniel is also looking forward to cooking, a hobby he enjoys most of the time. He plans to prepare big batches of curries that will probably last him a few nights. Additionally, he’ll continue his daily routine: breakfast, a shower, and shopping in the square, all conveniently close to his new home.

As an animal lover, Daniel also hopes this newfound stability will lead to opportunities to volunteer, preferably at an animal shelter. He’s made a few new friends in the area, although, as an adult, he feels like making new friends gets a little harder as you age.

Heather Marsh, Momentum’s Tenancy Manager, played a crucial role in securing Daniel’s permanent housing. She worked alongside Daniel during his 15-month stay in the Lismore transitional house, assisting him in routine property inspections and collaborating with Momentum support workers to fulfil his housing needs.

Although facing obstacles, including Daniel not being on the priority housing list, collaborative efforts with the Community Recovery Mental Health Team secured Daniel permanent housing that meets his needs perfectly. Heather was over the moon and will continue to support Daniel with tenancy responsibilities into the future. 

“It’s always a great day when you get to ring someone and offer a property. I felt confident he was ready to move into permanent housing. He was very happy,” shared Heather.

Looking ahead, Daniel is now set up to strengthen his foundation by accessing continued support through the NDIS. This could involve exploring new interests such as volunteering, engaging in community groups, and expanding his social connections. He’s already very independent and he looks forward to transitioning to less support, while still being connected to the Momentum Collective Community Housing Team. 

Heather hopes that Daniel can relax in his new home and really make it his own, that he can become settled enough there to start inviting friends over and enjoying the space together. Also, that it will allow him to reach an unprecedented stage in his recovery where new possibilities emerge and there is reason for optimism about the future.

Daniel’s story is just one of the many beautiful examples of how the Community Recovery Mental Health Service and Community Housing services have a positive impact on people’s lives. As Daniel settles into his new permanent home, Momentum Collective remains committed to supporting him in his ongoing journey towards a more settled and hopeful future.

For more information about our Community Recovery Mental Health Service or Assistance with Daily Life, please get in touch with our friendly team on 1300 900 091.