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Today is International Women’s Day (IWD), a global initiative celebrating women’s achievements worldwide. This campaign provides an opportunity to call for positive change, educate and raise awareness of women’s equality. 

This year’s official theme, #EmbraceEquity encourages everyone to take the time to have conversations, challenge gender stereotypes, call out discrimination and seek out inclusion. 

One powerful way to honour International Women’s Day this year is to show the world your vast embrace with a #EmbraceEquity pose to show solidarity. 

Momentum Collective’s workforce is proud to have 64% women representation across our workforce, including our Executive leadership team, CEO, and decision-makers. Today, and every day, we honor and celebrate the incredible contributions of the women who make up our organization. Join us in raising a glass to their inspiring leadership and unwavering commitment to our collective success!

We invited a few of our team members at Momentum Collective to strike a pose and tell us what #IWD means to them personally.

Which women in your life inspire you the most? 

“I have been blessed with stories of opportunity, successful outcomes and quality support with women close to me, family members and associates from the workplace. The women most noticeable in my workplace have worked tirelessly and steadied the Momentum Ship, helping create opportunities and enhance growth within the company.” – Tim Haywood, Maintenance Officer.

What does this year’s IWD theme, #EmbraceEquity, mean to you?

“The meaning of embracing equity to me is allowing everyone to show off what is special about them. Growing up with three sisters has taught me that no matter if we grew up in the same house, we are all very different people, making us special and excel in our ways. Everyone brings something different to the table, and we need to embrace ourselves and each other to bring out the best in each other.” – Nakeeta McDonald, Youth Worker. 

Which women in your life inspire you the most? 

“Pauline Menczer (1993 women’s world surfing champion). Pauline paved the way for equal pay in women’s surfing. In a fiercely competitive sport, Pauline risked her profession, sponsorship, and reputation to ensure women were treated the same as men in the World Championship Tour (WCT). This meant women got to surf the same quality waves as the men, and their prize money was matched with the men’s surfing league.” – Adrian Wilson, Senior Coordinator.

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is #EmbraceEquity. What does this mean to you?

“Woman can do anything! We are strong, brave, intelligent and resilient. Our society pigeonholes women into specific roles and forgets how amazing women are.  All women need to support each other. We must straighten each other’s crowns when they fall.” – Amy Murphy, Senior Coordinator.

What does this year’s IWD theme, #EmbraceEquity, mean to you?

“It means that no matter our differences, we all have the chance to be seen, and heard. We sometimes need extra support or resources to ensure we are being seen clearly and that our voices are loud enough to be heard. And that’s ok!” – Gemma Buckley, Community Support Manager.

Which women in your life inspire you the most? 

“The women in my life that inspire me the most are my wife and daughter. My wife inspires me every day because of how she holds herself in the world, both professionally and personally. My daughter inspires me through her ability to remain true to herself, be a loyal friend, love art and strive for her place in the world.” – Jason McDonald, Area Manager.

What does a gender-equal world look like to you?

“A world where everyone, regardless of gender, is celebrated and not made to feel different or inferior. Where inequality is only discussed in the past tense, as part of history and the word has grown to be inclusive of all genders across pay, decision-making levels/leadership, safety, removing gender obstacles and everyone is encouraged to thrive.” – Leesa Preston, Tenancy Officer.


A big thank you to everyone who shared what International Women’s Day means to you. Happy International Women’s Day!