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Meet Jo, a young mother at 24, with two little children under the age of three. She found herself in a serious situation with her partner of six years, posing a significant threat to her and her family’s safety.

Domestic violence had never been part of her experience before, and she was unsure about the gravity of the situation until she began working with Momentum Case Manager, Louise. Under Louise’s guidance, Jo was recommended to start attending regular psychology appointments to help her process and heal from her traumatic experience.

Louise advocated for Jo*, and with her help, the young mother was able to receive extra sessions as part of her mental health plan, giving her much-needed emotional support. Jo was eligible for the New South Wales Victims Services Recognition Payment to assist with bills, and she also received $3,500 worth of gift vouchers.

Jo’s perpetrator was removed from her home, is now safe with an Apprehended Violence Order in place and 24/7 security surveillance. To help Jo* stay safe and informed, she was given the Stay Home Stay Safe booklet, which gave her essential information and phone numbers to call in case of an emergency.

As a single mother with no employment, Jo* was supported by Louise to apply for the Start Safely application, a rental housing subsidy that helped pay 75% of her rent for the first year.

Louise and Jo* worked together to set goals, with the focus being Jo’s safety in her own home. With the court case pending, Louise has promised to continue supporting Jo* until she’s ready to close the case. The Women’s Circle, open to women experiencing trauma and domestic violence, is a fantastic opportunity for Jo* to connect with others who are undergoing similar experiences.

Thanks to the support of Louise and Momentum, Jo* and her two children finally have the fresh start and secure life they deserve. For the first time in a long time, Jo* feels safe, both physically and emotionally. She now has the necessary resources and emotional support to rebuild her life and create a stable environment for her family.

Please note Jo’s* name has been changed to protect her identity.

If you are experiencing or at risk of Domestic Family Violence, call our 24/7 hotline on 1800 387 867. You can also visit our Staying Home Leaving Violence page for important resources.