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Creating an environment where every individual feels valued, respected and equal is one of our goals and a fundamental principle that guides our operations. We strongly emphasise fair compensation practices, a commitment that is reflected in our achievement of gender pay equity, resulting in a 0% gender pay gap.

During a recent Equity Diversity Inclusion Committee meeting, Maryann Groth, Momentum Collective’s Executive Manager of Corporate Solutions, emphasised the importance of concrete data in supporting our 0% gender pay gap. She highlighted how our dedication to transparency and accountability has enabled us to achieve and maintain this milestone. Furthermore, the latest 2022-2023 Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) report reaffirmed the link between diverse leadership and reduced gender pay gaps, a principle we actively promote and embrace within our organisation.

“Transparency is a cornerstone of Momentum Collective’s approach. We ensure that 98% of our employees receive pay by applicable Modern Awards, guaranteeing equal compensation for all individuals performing the same job, regardless of gender or other biases”, shared Maryann.

Below is data that conveys Momentum Collectives Gender Split and Employment Status by Occupation. Whilst overall our gender split across the organisation generally sits at approximately 64% female and 36% male you can see below, we have an equal split in the senior management and key management levels, this would be from General Manager roles up to Executives.

As we continue to address gender pay disparities, we recognise the significance of setting an example for equitable workplace practices. Our commitment to fairness and inclusivity strengthens our organisational culture and empowers all employees to thrive and succeed, irrespective of gender. We firmly believe that by fostering an environment of equality and respect, we can create a workplace where everyone can reach their full potential.

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