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Letter from Momentum Collective 

Tuesday, 10th May 2022

Dear clients and families,

This communication is to keep you informed of Momentum Collective’s ongoing commitment to deliver the highest quality services and supports.

Momentum Collective is a for purpose community organisation operating with the highest integrity and transparency. We are excited to share with you that we are implementing a new Service Delivery Model to improve client outcomes and further strengthen our organisation.

To implement the new Service Delivery Model and ensure its success, there is a need to re-organise the way Momentum is currently operating including a new organisational structure.

Why are these changes needed?

The change is designed to provide customers with a better experience, embed our outcomes framework and to provide stronger organisational support to our service teams.

As part of the new organisational structure, we will be introducing a centralised Client Services Team. By having one team dedicated to customer enquiry and onboarding, customers will receive a more personalised and individual experience where they will only have to tell their story once to be heard. The Client Service Team will also partner with our services teams to lead rostering and billing functions ensuring our clients remain at the centre of our focus.  

The delivery of the new Service Model requires a change in how we currently offer services and includes a ‘no wrong door’ intake, strength-based or recovery focused service support, stepped up/stepped down case management framework, and a holistic combination of services focusing on our clients unique journeys. It will also embed our client outcomes and help us measure our inclusive and social impact.

Some internal reporting lines will change and groupings of teams will be realigned to ensure we are organised in such a way that enables seamless delivery on client outcomes.

We acknowledge that a stable relationship with your support worker  and manager is key to your wellbeing and daily activities. We understand that members of our team are often considered part of your family and we want to give you comfort that they will be respected and treated fairly as part of this process.

We aim for there to be no negative impacts to your service and that your supports will continue at the highest quality during this period of change.

Thank you for your kind understanding in this matter. You can provide us with feedback at  or call us directly on 1300 900 091 and ask to speak to someone in the People Culture team.


Yours sincerely,


Tracey Mackie


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