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Allied Health Services

Co-ordinated supports for physical and mental health.

Positive Behaviour Support

We work with people and their families to improve communication, relationships, and quality of life through applied behaviour analysis. The aim of Positive Behaviour Support is to identify the reason a person behaves in a manner that puts themselves or others at risks and provide positive learning opportunities, supports, and alternatives to the behaviour.

(NDIS Category: Improved Relationships)


Counselling/Psychotherapy aims to improve a person’s quality of life by working through psychosocial difficulties that may be challenging to the person. Counselling/Psychotherapy can take many forms and is tailored to the individual’s needs. Our practitioners may help support improved thought processing, build coping and resilience, resolve conflicts associated with traumatic or negative life events, and improve social relationships.

(NDIS Category: Improved Daily Living)

Specialist Support Coordination

Navigating the NDIS and the mainstream health system when you have chronic or complex health needs can be difficult, especially when you receive support from multiple practitioners. Specialist Support Coordination can help you with this task. Our experienced practitioners can work with you to achieve your health goals by supporting you with communication and referrals across the different health practitioners that you engage with.

(NDIS Category: Support Coordination)