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As we get closer to the end of the year, there are many reasons why you might look into Short Term Accommodation (STA). Whether you are a caregiver, family member or the individual looking to have a ‘break’, it’s okay to take time for yourself. Life gets busy, particularly during the holiday period, so whatever you are looking for, we have you covered!

STA allows caregivers and family members to recharge and refresh. It’s a fantastic opportunity make new friends, try new activities and increase independence. 

It can feel daunting to go away somewhere unfamiliar for the first time and choosing the right service provider will ensure peace of mind during your stay. Everyone deserves to feel reassured that they can switch off and not worry! At Momentum Collective, we are committed to make the respite experience as seamless as possible.

Each experience is personalised to the individual and accommodates high and low support needs. Momentum’s STA houses in Casino and Grafton include high-quality support equipment and beds for all conditions, fully accessible bathrooms, and abundant house space.

Often, carers and individuals looking for respite want to know if their break is covered. Here is what you need to know:

  • The NDIS will fund necessary and reasonable support. All of the care/support required is included while at respite. For further details, go to NDIS website.  
  • If you are looking for respite for yourself or a loved one in Casino or Grafton, our modern and spacious STA homes have accessible transport available for clients. The vehicles can take individuals to specialist appointments, to and from community outings, and to engaging activities. 
  • Did you know that NDIS funding gives you four days of STA? This gives you enough time to fit in all your appointments or if you plan a fun-filled outing in a new place.
  • If you are an NDIS participant, you can use money from your core budget if you have money available or if you are self-managed.
  • If you are interested in STA, speak to our Client Services team as they are up to date with with the consistent changes from NDIS and have access to the portal if they the plan numbers, so they can check the funds!
  • At Momentum we do STA in hotels in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The accommodation and food are paid through STA NDIS rates, as well as activity costs.

STA comes with many benefits and one of them is enabling people with disability to develop new skills in a fun and purposeful environment while creating unforgettable life memories.


Book your stay now! Find about more about our Short Term Accommodation service or call our friendly team on 1300 900 091.