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Eight years ago, Peter, 49, stepped into Momentum’s Salvage Shed in Ballina, and still, to this day, he is happily working as one of our most chatty and dedicated employees.

Peter has faced an ongoing battle with depression and anxiety throughout his life, leading him to seek support through NDIS. He first applied for supported employment after visiting the Salvage Shed as a customer and having a meaningful conversation with Momentum’s Community Support Manager, Rod, at the time. Peter left that day with a new volunteer opportunity!

Within eight months of volunteering, it was clear that Peter had more to offer and excellent sales skills. He had extensive knowledge about bicycles, golf equipment, surfboards, and every second-hand item imaginable.

Peter quickly transitioned from a committed volunteer to a casual Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE) worker at the Salvage Shed and continued finding his purpose as an excellent sales worker and addition to the team. This new chapter of Peter’s life not only gave him supported employment but, enabled him to find passionate Support Workers to assist with his day-to-day inconsistencies and provide him with an affordable home supported by Momentum.

When reflecting on when he first started his role, Peter feels proud of how much his confidence has grown when speaking to new customers and everything he has learned in these eight years.

“I had very low self-esteem and felt I wasn’t good at my job when I started at the Salvage Shed. Since working here, I have overcome this internal hurdle and learned to accept that my strengths are valued”, says Peter.

Peter has increased his self-esteem, reduced his medication, and lived a more purposeful life. He is working on his health and feels much more awake on the job. He cracks jokes at work and has reached a point where he can comfortably presume his daily tasks.

A day in the life of Peter involves making sure items are all in pristine condition before selling to customers, completing a safety check in the work truck, and having a yarn to the new and regular customers that come in the store.

“Peter is known for his immaculate customer service, his knowledge on second-hand goods and is a great addition to our team!” – Salvage Shed Manager, Adrian Wilson

Working at the Salvage Shed has broadened Peter’s horizons and given him a new perspective in life. He enjoys connecting with new faces and helping shoppers find new treasures. Every day Peter is honing his sales skills, and he has become such an expert that even his teammates direct customers to him.

Challenges make Peter thrive, and he is ready for the next step at work. He has just embarked on a bicycle repair course with the assistance of a kind-hearted volunteer who comes to Salvage Shed a couple of days a week. No task is too hard for Peter, as he shows how determined he is to upskill and learn new expertise.

Peter is a cherished worker, and the team reassures him daily of how positive his contribution is to the Salvage Shed.

If you are looking for supported employment and want to find out more, please call our friendly team on 1300 900 091.