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Every Friday afternoon the Lismore airwaves light up with ‘The Hit List’, a radio show playing a range of ‘70s and ‘80s music handpicked by Doug, a Momentum Collective client. We love Doug’s story, it highlights the power of music, the bonds of friendship and the invaluable support we provide. 

Doug, who lives with an intellectual disability, has been receiving Assistance with Daily Life supports for over four years now. He’s remarkably independent, living alone, driving, grocery shopping and preparing meals (with a love for slow cooking), along with pursuing a special passion for radio. 

Doug’s love of music and the radio spans 30 years, fueled by hours of listening to vinyl records and watching Suzi Quatro at the Workers’ Club in Lismore. Even as a young boy growing up in a foster family of 13, he found rhythm in the simplest things, banging on garbage bins as makeshift drums. He loved playing vinyl’s and enjoyed tuning into the Top 40 show, featuring hits from the ‘70s and ’80s.

After volunteering in a local radio station’s library, Doug was inspired to have his own show and started learning everything he could about radio. He volunteered at other stations until his first show “Afternoon Delight” was created. After honing his skills, he now has a regular Friday afternoon time slot with River FM in Lismore, taking requests, conducting interviews, and creating playlists that his audience loves. 

I love giving people good music to listen to while driving to work or other places. It’s also great knowing that my afternoon program is helping people unwind and get ready for the weekend,” shares Doug. 

Doug and his Momentum Collective Support Worker Scott first met in July last year at a River FM training course. Scott has always enjoyed music and radio was new to him, so helping Doug has been an amazing adventure and their shared passion for music has only strengthened their bond. 

Every Friday, Scott picks Doug up and takes him to River FM, where Doug presents “The Hit List”. Here Scott can support Doug’s passion, allowing him to select songs, present, take requests and interview local artists. Scott assists by operating the console and loading songs during the radio show.

Doug enjoys working at the radio station and having the freedom to curate and play his favourite tunes. The positive feedback pouring in from the community indicates that listeners appreciate his music choice and contributions to the station.  Engaging with locals, broadcasting his show and listening to their stories bring him pure joy. 

“Doug’s passion for connecting with the community through his radio show is truly amazing. We’re proud to support his passion”, says Momentum Support Worker, Scott.

With the support of his Momentum Collective Support Worker Stacey, Doug has recently developed enough confidence to approach local Lismore businesses to ask for donations toward his radio show. Additionally, Doug hopes to have a live broadcast at the Lismore show in October this year – very exciting! 

Doug’s journey in radio is a true testament to the power of our support in fostering independence, passion and connection. Assistance with Daily Life supports provided by Momentum has allowed Doug to confidently navigate daily tasks and pursue his deep love of radio. 

With the ongoing support from Caseworker Scott, and the strong bond they have built through music, Doug’s created more than just a radio show – it’s a platform for community engagement, bringing joy to everyone who listens. His story highlights the diverse range of Assistance with Daily Life supports available, from personal care to pursuing hobbies and community activities.

Doug’s journey from vinyl records and a local radio station library to hosting ‘The Hit List’ on River FM shows demonstrates the power of pursuing your passion and how the right support can help individuals grow and thrive in remarkable ways.

For more information about our Community Recovery Mental Health Service or Assistance with Daily Life, please get in touch with our friendly team at 1300 900 091.