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This September, we proudly celebrated the 5th Anniversary of Momentum Collective, all while proudly wearing our extensive 40-year legacy of industry expertise on our sleeves. A remarkable journey of commitment, dedication, and success has brought us to this point.

Momentum Collective has consistently grown and evolved. From establishing the Casino Neighbourhood Centre by a group of passionate volunteers in 1979 to our current status as an NDIS registered service provider in 2023. Today, we support over 5,564 vulnerable individuals from Coffs Harbour to South East Queensland each year. We owe our success to the incredible contributions of our volunteers and dedicated staff, our devoted board members, the generous support of our local community, and the Commonwealth Government.

Over the years, our focus has expanded to include various services, covering Disability, Mental Health, Homelessness, Domestic Family and Violence and Family and Youth support. With over 646 employees working tirelessly within our footprint, we aim to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives and create positive outcomes. Our commitment to putting our clients first and serving as a crucial source of information and assistance for our local community has remained constant throughout our journey.

In 2016, before the birth of Momentum Collective, we celebrated a significant milestone as the Casino Neighbourhood Centre and the On Track Community Program joined forces to create 3SA. This collaboration was guided by shared objectives and values, enabling us to improve efficiency and expand our services. It was a testament to our commitment to community well being.

In 2018, we emerged as Momentum Collective, with a strong focus on the power of working together as a community and as individuals. As we celebrate our fifth anniversary, we reflect on our significant impact on the communities we serve.

Together, we are building momentum for a brighter, more inclusive future, and we look forward to celebrating many more milestones with our community in the coming years. Happy fifth anniversary to us, and thank you for being part of our journey!

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