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Momentum Collective has engaged with Origin 360 EV to transition its fleet of automobiles to electric vehicles to help with reducing carbon emissions from transport. The NSW Government is investing $105 million in the fleet incentive to help private business, local councils, and not-for-profits bridge the cost to electrify their fleets, an initiative it forecasts will see an additional 979 battery electric vehicles on the roads.


Passenger vehicles are Australia’s third most significant contributor to carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Electric Vehicles (EV) offers opportunities for emissions reduction with lower emissions over their lifetime – much lower than internal combustion engine vehicles.


Momentum is committed to a sustainable future and has replaced its current Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles with 10 Hyundai IONIQ EV. The transition saves 147.2 tonnes of CO2 over five years, equivalent to planting 2,500 trees.

According to our CEO, Dr Tracey Mackie, a considerable quantity of kilometres is used per year within the organisation’s footprint to deliver essential services.“The selection of the vehicles was based on our business requirements. Typical electric vehicle charged using the average Australian electricity grid mix generates about 40% fewer emissions of CO2-equivalent per kilometre compared with an equivalent ICE vehicle.”

“I’m delighted to announce that Momentum Collective is being part of this evolution by starting the transition to EVs in its own fleet.” – Momentum’s CEO, Tracey Mackie

The vehicles arrived at Momentum Collective on Tuesday, 13 December. To best support staff on how to drive EV, there was a comprehensive training day designed especially for the occasion.