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Postcard from 2025

Momentum embraces a rolling three-year strategic planning process. The image below paints a picture of what the future might look like for Momentum in 2025.

 A5 Postcard22

We see our impact rippling through communities. At the very core are our clients, families and carers. The orange ring represents the integrated services Momentum provides in collaboration with the wider community (the next ring) to achieve the desired client outcomes (the outer ring).

Everything we do is designed to achieve five client outcomes:

  1. Have access to a safe and suitable home
  2. Clients and families feel empowered and informed
  3. Clients choose and are engaged in activities that improve health and wellbeing
  4. Connected to communities
  5. Living a purposeful and fulling life

We see our role as being the catalyst for change and invite everyone to join us in creating real social and inclusive change. This plan has evolved over the past 12 months in consultation with our clients and families, staff and management. It is an evolutionary process and is reviewed periodically.

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