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The NDIS provides funding to participants to purchase a range of supports aimed at increasing independence, inclusion, and social and economic participation.

Supports for participants fall into three Support Purpose categories:

  • CORE – A support that enables participants to complete activities of daily living and enables them to work towards their goals and meet their objectives.
  • CAPACITY BUILDING – A support that enables participants to build independence and skills.
  • CAPITAL – Purchasing equipment, such as Assistive Technology, and to fund home or vehicle modifications.

Momentum deliver a broad range of supports that NDIS may fund, including:

  • assistance with daily personal activities, household and daily living tasks
  • equipment to assist daily living and mobility
  • therapeutic support, such as behaviour support, counselling and occupational therapy
  • skill building and employment support
  • transport to attend community and daily life activities
  • vehicle/home modifications
  • NDIS Support coordination
  • NDIS Plan management

To find out more about the NDIS and how easily Momentum can help you with planning and services, call our friendly team on 1300 900 091.

To view or download Momentum’s NDIS Price List click here.
COVID-19 UPDATE: NDIS Price Changes