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Today is National Sibling Day, a date created to show appreciation and love for your sibling or anyone who shares a bond that feels like a sibling. And what could be more fitting than an interview with our great long-term Empower! and Supported Independent Living (SIL) clients, Kerry and Lindsay, who happen to be brother and sister?

Lindsay and Kerry are not just siblings; they are best friends. They share an untouchable bond and have lived together for their whole lives. From growing up in their childhood house in Moree, New South Wales, to moving to the Gold Coast with their parents, to now living in their own supported home in Tweed Heads – they have enjoyed every minute of it.

When we caught up with Kerry and Lindsay, we asked them what having a sibling means to them. Kerry, who is only three younger than Lindsay, smiled and said, “funny and picking on each other – that’s called brothers.” Lindsay sitting next to Kerry, laughed, and without saying a word, it was clear he couldn’t agree more.

“The best thing is being able to cook for my sister, protect her, and have a friend to hang out with every day,” responded Lindsay.

Their Momentum Collective Support Worker, Adam, has worked closely with Kerry and Lindsay in their Supported Living (SIL) home in Tweed Heads for the past two months. Adam observed that they are not just siblings; they are best friends, and they share a powerful bond with their loved ones catching up every fortnight for family BBQs.

“Kerry and Lindsay are just kind-hearted people. I love witnessing moments when they have a giggle or tickle each other or the hilarious banter between the two on the couch. They are just such positive people to be around, and I can tell they care and love each other,” says Adam.

Not only do our clients, Kerry and Lindsay, live together in their SIL home, but they also attend our Empower! Day Program where they get to experience fun and interactive activities together. They love going bowling with their Empower! team, playing bingo, creating arts and crafts, and selling them at their Empower! markets.

It warms our hearts watching how they have grown together, and their strong sibling bond has provided them with a sense of security as they navigate their journeys together.

Thank you to our incredible clients, Kerry and Lindsay, for sharing their unique sibling connection with us. Happy National Sibling Day!

“ They are not just siblings, they are best friends. They share a powerful bond.” –  Adam, Kerry and Lindsey’s Support Worker

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