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About our new brand….

In an increasingly competitive environment, we needed a brand that works for us both now and into the future.


We knew our brand should be unique and easily identified, as well as warm and inviting for new customers and potential partners. So we put our creative hats on, listened to our customers, partners and funders and chose… Momentum Collective.

Momentum is all about creating positive energy.

Momentum Collective is about working together within a community framework to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

We pride ourselves on embracing complex and difficult issues such as domestic family violence, homelessness and mental health.

We don’t shy away from the hard stuff – in fact we revel in it.

Our new brand reflects our vision of creating empowered people and connected communities.

It is built on our core values of trust and respect, wellbeing, innovation, working well together and being gracious. And it’s true to our purpose of supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged people to get a roof, job and live a better life.

We invite everyone to join with us to build Momentum.

About the waratah in our logo…

We brought the Waratah with us from our past branding. It reflects that we believe that everyone within the community has the opportunity to contribute, be valued and belong.
Look closely at a waratah and you see that it’s not a single flower, rather a circular collection of many small heart-shaped flowers sharing one stem. Older flowers are positioned on the outside, protecting the younger flowers that grow up from within their circle. They support the inner flowers by holding them together, just as we aspire to support the vulnerable and disadvantaged in our community.