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Get to know Momentum


Momentum is a community collective creating real social change and inclusive opportunities.

The word Momentum is all about positive energy, the driving force that helps you through life. Sometimes you may need more energy, sometimes you need a change of direction and other times you may be happy with what you have and just want to sustain it. Finding the right Momentum is personal.

The word Collective is about acknowledging the shared responsibility in creating social change and inclusive opportunities. There are many persistent issues and inequities in our society which won’t be resolved by themselves (homelessness, family and domestic violence, drugs and alcohol, suicide, poverty, mental health, and disability inclusion). We all have a shared, collective responsibility to get involved and help close these gaps. “It Takes a Community”.

The Waratah in our logo The circular icon is derived from the Waratah and represents a community. A single flower is a collection of many small flowers sharing one stem and forming a close-knit environment of belonging and support. Waratahs have significant cultural meaning for the first people of our country due to its sweet nectar and its blossoming after fire. 


Our new brand reflects our vision of creating empowered people and connected communities.

And it’s true to our purpose of supporting people to get a roof, job and live a better life.

It is built on our core values of trust and respect, wellbeing, innovation, working well together and being gracious.


We invite everyone to join in and help build the brand and story of Momentum Collective.