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Our Privacy Statement

Momentum Collective are committed to the privacy of all information that is collected.
We collect information a number of ways such as forms, phone, website, by fax and over the counter. This information can be in the form of a request for service or feedback on delivery whether it be positive or negative.
Momentum Collective must comply with legal requirements for the collection, storage and management of personal information. The Federal Privacy Act 1988, New South Wales Privacy and Personal Information Act 1998 and the Health Records and Information privacy Act 2002. Both the federal and State Commissioners may investigate our processes and the way we manage the information, even if there has been no requirement to do so.
The below details explains how Momentum Collective protects and manages the information it captures:  
Collection of information Momentum Collective will collect all information required to ensure the need is met. This information may be necessary for a number of service below which are standard delivery items for the company Community Housing & Homelessness Services Disability Services including Day and Respite Mental Health Services Social Enterprise Services Support Services to the above streams At the time of collection, the information is identified as possible to use across all relevant areas within Momentum, as the need could be utilized in multiple spots. Sensitive and personal information will not be shared with other companies outside of Momentum Collective, unless specific requests to do so are approved by the customer or representative.
Security of Information Momentum Collective values the security of personal and private information. Systems are in place to ensure the security will not be compromised regarding customer and program information. Multiple systems which access this information are securely locked down for Momentum Collective use, and is only available to appropriate staff delivering a service or a Government entity which under law has the power to request the information. We ensure the information we collect is relevant, up to date where possible and not misleading.
Use of Information Momentum Collective will only use the information we collect for its intended purpose within the Momentum Collective services that are delivered. If information is deemed as not needed, it will be destroyed, removed or de identified.
Disclosing information Information about you is not shared with other family members or outside parties unless specifically determined by our Privacy officers. This would always lead to the approval from yourself before this took place. There are some standard instances where we would share information including:
  • For the purpose in which it was collected. (ie property contractors or pharmacy staff)
  • With your consent to disclose information
  • Other State or Federal entities under Law
Access to your Information We support your right to access your information, and will share it whenever we can. There are some instances where we may refuse your request, and you have the right to appeal your refusal if you see fit. This must be in writing to the Address below, addressed to the Privacy Officer. Third party requests for Information which we will abide by include – Police Requests, Medical Records by hospitals or ambulance, Child Protection under Court appointed requests. Some exemptions are – Part 13(A) of the Crimes family and Domestic Violence Act 2007 provides for exemptions around sharing information with other agencies which are deemed a particular threat, this also includes the refusal to share information by the person with these deemed agencies.
Our Privacy structure Customer Privacy Officer. Deals with requests regarding all customer information, including complaints, FOI the management of customer information within the approved customer systems. Also deals with tenancy information from our Community Service properties and Homeless information from applicable requests. Third Sector Australia Risk & Compliance Manager PO Box 793 Coolangatta, NSW 2485 T: 1300 900 091 E: [email protected]