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We understand that stress is a part of life. But if you are feeling stressed a lot of the time, it could be a sign that you need some support.

Clear Minds is a program for children and young adults under 18, who are living with or showing early signs of mental health issues. Clear Minds can provide practical and wellbeing support to children, young adults and their families in the Tweed to Grafton area.  With the help of a supportive adult, we work together to find ways to provide assistance.

The Clear Minds program works closely with other local services to provide flexible and responsive assistance.  It provides community education designed to connect children and young adults to their community, nurturing a sense of belonging and support while building friendships, interest and hope.

What kind of support can our Clear Minds program provide?

  • Explore areas of life including emotional wellbeing, physical health, safety, learning and development
  • Find out goals and concerns and areas you would like help with
  • Provide some anger management coping strategies
  • Provide mindfulness and relaxation techniques
  • Discuss communication styles and how to express feelings in healthy ways
  • Linking you in with GP’s and a Mental Health Plan
  • Booking appointments to counsellors
  • Talking to your school about making a flexible plan for managing your school life

We can help you to link in and make appointments with the right people to discuss any concerns or actions you would like to put in place at school, at home, with Centrelink or any other service.

You can reach our Clear Minds team with a free call to 1300 900 091.

How do I access this program

You can reach our Clear Minds team with a free call to 1300 900 091.