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Step into a world where meaningful connections flourish and inclusivity knows no limits. At Momentum, we’re dedicated to more than just providing support – we’re committed to fostering positive and inclusive relationships for individuals living with a disability. Whether it’s the magic of romance or the joy of platonic friendships, our mission is to actively listen to and understand the unique needs of our clients concerning social interactions.

In all forms of relationships, a person living with a disability can experience love just like anyone else. While challenges such as physical limitations or societal misconceptions may arise, it’s crucial to recognise that everyone deserves to pursue intimate relationships and engage in affectionate activities.

Unfortunately, misconceptions can arise, leading to feelings of exclusion and isolation. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that everyone desires closeness and companionship regardless of ability. It’s also vital to ensure that an individual living with a disability has complete autonomy and control to navigate their relationships confidently.

Our Business Development Consultant, Vanessa Riggs, brings over 20 years of experience in the disability space and strongly advocates for empowering our clients in their relationships. She emphasises the importance of providing them autonomy and supporting their unique needs to sustain meaningful and long term relationships.

“I’ve enjoyed working in the disability space and at Momentum Collective for eight years now. Initiating the conversation with people usually happens organically. It’s important to assist individuals living with a disability, especially around dating apps that are available to everyone,” says Vanessa.

“We have clients who have met each other through our social groups and have ended up in romantic relationships, which often leads to other conversations around sex and consent. I’m humbled that our clients feel comfortable talking to me and our staff about these topics.”

In addition to emotional support, practical considerations are crucial in facilitating inclusive relationships. This includes ensuring accessibility in physical spaces and transportation options and providing necessary accommodations.

At Momentum Collective, we are committed to enabling our clients living with disabilities to build meaningful relationships. Through education via organic conversations with each other that are nonjudgmental, safe and supportive, we ensure that individuals feel empowered and supported in making choices about their romantic relationships.

With the assistance of our Support Workers and other tailored supports, individuals can choose their companions and plan outings wherever they desire. Our goal is to ensure that people living with a disability can enjoy a range of social experiences, from spending time with friends to inviting loved ones over, enabling them to lead lives filled with choice and inclusivity.

If you or someone you know is looking for supports in finding social groups to assist with increasing social skills, visit here for more information or call 1300 900 091 to learn more.