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Community Housing

Safe and suitable housing is a basic foundation.

Our experienced Housing team support people to access long term secure housing options, including social and affordable housing. From our office in Ballina, we assist local people in need of more immediate housing, through government programs such as Temporary Accommodation, Rentstart Bond Loans and Start Safely.

Our Housing team also manage Momentum’s portfolio of rental properties. Our properties are made available under a range of programs, including social housing, affordable housing and specialist disability accommodation purposes.

Through our own housing development and property acquisition programs, Momentum continues to focus efforts to increase the overall supply of housing we have available.

Call us on 1300 900 091 for our help.

Community Housing Resources:

Additional Resident Form
Affordable Housing Application Form
Agreement to Repay Debt
Application for Tenant Recognition
Centrelink Multiple Consent Form
Centrepay Deduction Authority Form
Household Income Survey
Household Information Survey
Incident Report Form
Non-Urgent Maintenance Request Form
Notice to Vacate Form
Notification of Death Form
Statutory Declaration
Tenant Disclosure Consent Form
Tenant Request for Alternation/Addition
Water Allowance Application Form

Affordable Housing Factsheet
Centrelink Factsheet
Occupancy Agreement Factsheet
Rent and Income Reviews Factsheet
Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Factsheet
Transfers Factsheet

Additional Resources:
Tenant Handbook
Housing FAQ’s
RBO FAQ’s and Process

Housing Operating Policies, Procedures and Guidelines:
Access to Housing
Asset Management
Establishing Tenancies
Rent Setting and Management
Tenants Rights and Participation
Tenancy Management
Changing Needs of Tenants
Ending Tenancies
Special Programs