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South East Queensland

We’re expanding the services we offer in south-east Queensland and are working towards having our full suite of programs. Call us on 1300 900 091 to let us know you’d like to connect with us for these services as they may be available now.

We currently have:



Supported Independent Lifestyles offer shared residential housing with low to high care support for people aged 18 to 64 living with disability.



Our Carer’s Respite: Carers & Work service provides support to carers of people living with mental illness, through a range of out of home activities.  Momentum provides access to day-to-day living skills programs, outreach support and social opportunities through our existing Mental Health services.  We have programs to help young people connect, learn life skill, coping skills and resilience, and still simply have some fun.
Available now in your Fraser Coast / South Burnett region.