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Tweed Goorie Go Getters (TG3), a Healthy Lifestyle Program, was established in 2012 with a strong partnership between Momentum Collective, Tweed Aboriginal Health and the Aboriginal Chronic Care Office. Ten years down the track, the program is still going and has enabled over 300 people to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

The program unites Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals in local Tweed regions to focus on their health holistically. From looking at ways to improve lifestyle habits like health eating and control over chronic diseases while offering a culturally safe and supportive environment where participants can feel motivated and free of judgment.

Twice a week, roughly 50 women are divided into two groups, participating in fun and exercises and performing a group workout. There are many physical health benefits the women all get out of the program – wellbeing support and education on choosing healthier lifestyle choices been the biggest game changer.

“I have been coming to this program since 2012 when it started and it has changed my life. Throughout the program, I suffered from depression and gained significant weight. Tammy and the team leaders motivated me to attend the program twice a week when I started learning healthier ways to cook food and focus on my fitness,” – TG3 participant, Racquelle.

“I remember when I first was introduced to healthier food options like quinoa, I felt a bit of shame not knowing about these foods, but now it’s a part of my everyday life. Everything I have learned in these ten years, transformed me into a better role model to my children – they are living healthier lifestyles. I have lost 30kg and my eldest daughter now has lost 10kg!”

The program also teaches participants different strategies for behaviour change, goal setting, reflection, understanding feelings and moods. Having chronic disease specialists, nutritionists and other specialist service providers assist participants with their health journey. The program has picked up many health issues through the chronic disease education session and blood pressure testing, where participants are referred to supports that can assist with their health needs.

Marcia, 61, is another regular participant and she was able to pick up on a health issue that would probably go unnoticed if it wasn’t for the TG3 program holding blood pressure testing.

The health program has become a community and place for individuals to socialise and stay connected while focusing on their own health goals. It has definitely changed lives positively.

Donate to TG3 program, clicking here. For more information, contact our friendly team on 1300 900 091 or [email protected].