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Being immersed in the disability care sector and connecting with countless unique individuals is gratifying and makes your purpose as a care worker so worthwhile! Momentum Collective’s Senior Coordinator, Amy Murphy, has worked in the NDIS Disability industry for over six years and has never looked back.

“Our clients are why I am in my role and this industry. My favourite part of my job is helping our clients achieve greatness. The fun adventures, laughter, and smiles make the day brighter!” says Amy.

If you are looking for a career that inspires you to get up every morning, then working in the disability care sector as a carer or coordinator is just for you. This career pathway gives you a chance to form relationships with extraordinary individuals. It offers a sense of personal achievement by enabling a person in need live life to its fullest.

When you start your support work journey, you will instantly make a positive difference in someone’s life. Whether you are assisting with in-home care, grocery shopping, making your client smile, or taking them to the movies, everything you do will contribute to helping them achieve their life goals. Every day is different, yet just as rewarding when you work as a Support Worker. What you do daily depends on the person you are supporting.

Nothing is more worthwhile than seeing the pure joy on your client’s faces when they try an activity for the first time or overcome a personal goal like becoming more social. These client outcomes give you a sense of purpose when you witness your clients crushing personal goals and how much happiness they bring them.

One of the many bonuses of working in the disability industry is, connecting with new and like-minded people who share the same values of compassion and empowering an individual to live a fulfilled and purposeful life. Together you will support our clients to live a fun and purposeful life!

“Our clients are the reason why I am in my role and in this industry. I am very blessed and extremely lucky to work for an amazing client focused organisation like Momentum Collective.” – Amy Murphy, Momentum Collective Senior Coordinator

If you are looking for a career change or want to find out more about our Support Worker roles, please call our friendly team on 1300 900 091.