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Meet Mitch, a 28-year-old Case Worker who leads the Clear Minds Program in Grafton for Momentum Collective. He’s been in his role for two years now and is dedicated to helping younger generations improve their wellbeing by giving them the tools and guidance they need.

Growing up in the Clarence Valley, Mitch has always been passionate about influencing youth in his community and making a difference in their lives. Mitch overcame his personal journey with his own wellbeing which led him down the path of being a strong advocate for mental health awareness and working in a career that is community driven.

“Some youth members that come into the service may be experiencing emotional regulation issues, anxiety, and family or school challenges. They might be very engaged and willing to accept what’s going on and take on board the tools and support given to them,” says Mitch.

“For other clients, it’s not always a smooth road, particularly if they are navigating a challenging circumstance. You need to gather an understanding of every individual’s background and situation and see what tools they will best respond to,” says Mitch.

The Clear Minds program focuses on providing community education designed to connect youth to their community, nurture a sense of belonging and support, and work through unique life obstacles in everyday life.

When a client is referred to Clear Minds, Mitch always begins the initial meeting with a Wellbeing Assessment to help determine what is going on in the client’s life and how to take the best action to assist the child in reaching their health wellbeing goals.

The wellbeing tool is made up of six components; identity and culture, learning, participation, feeling loved and safe, health (physical and mental) and material basics (essentials to live).

Recently, Mitch was referred a young man named James* from another organisation as a case study in which the six components of wellbeing were not being met. James* was lacking a secure living environment and was unable to obtain everyday necessities such as food and water.

James* lost all communication with his family, including losing his father. His situation presented as a severe case, and Mitch sat down with James* to put together an immediate action plan to help reach his life goals of security and stability. The first step was linking him with Link2Home, which helped him get short-term accommodation. James* currently lives in a short-term accommodation where he does not fear for his life.

Mitch has been a great support to James*, helping him get regular food packages and guiding him through the process of submitting a Centrelink application to ensure he receives payments to afford his accommodation and other necessities. James* keeps Mitch updated frequently on his progress with his job search and is actively working towards his life goals.  

“When you see changes made by your client, and in this particular instance with James*, it is so rewarding to see they are actively taking on board the tools given to them.” 

“That’s where the reward comes back to you as a worker and get a feeling of satisfaction knowing you’ve made a difference in someone’s life” says Mitch. 

Working in the mental health youth space, Mitch works with children and young adults ages four to eighteen. Whenever he works with a child younger than 10, he finds using practical tools and educational games like conflict resolution, wellbeing games and playing outdoor sporting games is the most effective for kids to absorb information.

Every day is different for Mitch, but one factor remains the same: knowing he is assisting young individuals in connecting with their community, nurturing a sense of belonging and gaining a brighter perspective on life with the proper support.

If you are looking for wellbeing support for your child or young adult or want to find out more about our Clear Minds program, visit here.